Bipolar Disorder, Do You Ashame To Be One of The Sufferers?

Do you suffer from bipolar disorder ?. Bipolar is one type of severe mental disorder. Examples of it including schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder, acute psychotic, and many others. You are not alone suffering this bipolar disorder disease, it is the first thing to bear on ourselves. I myself am also a person with severe mental disorders. I suffer from bipolar disorder since a dozen years ago.

The first thing we feel when dealing with the outside world is about shaming. The shame of it sometimes becomes so bad that we were not able to socialize. In fact, socialization is very important. As humans, we are not able to living alone. If you feel embarrassed by that condition, perhaps there are some things you need to do. I myself have tried to apply these tips. The hope of course is a better quality of life as people with bipolar disorder.

Routine Control to Psychiatrist and Have Medicines as Bipolar Disorder Sufferer

Those are the issues that keeps us alive normally. We certainly do not want to have relapsed. Often people feel embarrassed to see their psychiatrist and get medication. Including bipolar disorder sufferers like us. Self-acceptance is an important thing for all people with mental disorders. One sign of self-acceptance is willing to take routine control to the doctor. In this case is the psychiatrist. Of course, also regularly have medicines. This is called medications for bipolar indeed. I have olanzapine, clozapine, and depakote myself daily. There is no point denying the fact that we are suffering from bipolar disorder.

Not Forcing Yourself To Get Out from Your Safety Zone In a Hurry

Everyone certainly has its own safety zone. Choosing an activity than other activities determined from the safe zone at our disposal. As patients with bipolar disorder, whether we are afraid to deal with people or certain activities, then do not force yourself too much. We have the right to choose our friends. Evaluate every relationships or activities. Try to think about it calmly. Perhaps it was productive activities and generate money. It may be also true friends that we avoid are very concerned. Better not reject any possibilities.

Get Social Supports

Bipolar Disorder, Do You Ashame To Be One of The Sufferers?

It is an effort that will be very helpful. Eliminate every bad thought says that people around us are all bad people. In each community, people who are not callous indeed a lot. But do not forget that many of them were sympathetic. Leave the people harassing us. No need to get emotionally involved with them. Think about and interact with them will only waste energy. There is absolutely no benefit to us as people with bipolar disorder. Getting social supports for bipolar is as effective as support groups for schizophrenia as well.

Let us associate with people who understand ourselves only. It would be better if that person is still related. Main family?. That’s even better. Talk about the problems we had with them without any hope that they could help our difficulties. Getting a job after suffering from this disease, for example. They are willing to be loyal listenesr are good enough to us as bipolar disorder patient. We can get psychological support from here. It is important as bipolar disorder is a bio-psycho-social disease.

Are you still embarrassed suffering from bipolar disorder ?. Just like me, sometimes I still feel ashamed. But there is no point to this feeling to be maintained. As human beings, we still need jobs to live independently. And indeed the information about the job easier we get with socialize with friends. Please be fun friends and not easily down to angerness.

photograph by Iwan J Prasetyo

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