Bipolar Disorder Sufferer’s Blogging

Bipolar Disorder Sufferer's Blogging

I became a blogger in order to get money. I am a bipolar disorder patient, and it is difficult for me to work in a company. Some of my extended family have a company, however, they apparently are reluctant to hire me. I believe, it is because of my illness. Indeed, no one wants to be bipolar people like me.

Living as a bipolar sufferer is not easy. Such is the case in Indonesia today. We must fight the stigma from the society about people with this disorder. I believe, in other parts of the world, this stigma is still remain. However, some developed countries is apparently able to minimize the stigma against this severe mental disorder.

As a bipolar sufferer once a blogger clearly has its own challenges. That’s because the typical nature of this disease. I do not want to elaborate to explain the disease. That’s because I am also not familiar with this disease, even though I was one of the sufferers. You can read briefly about this issue here.

Manic Period

The challenge due to the period of manic and depressive periods experienced by the sufferer. In the manic state, bipolar disorder patients so excited, active and loves to talk. I’ve had this manic state when blogging. As a result, I can not even write a single letter in my writing.

Depressive Period

Instead the depressive period. Sufferer like me tend to daydream and regret things that have been passed. I was so sad so I feel myself useless. Moreover, when added to the fact that I have not making money with my AdSense account yet. Surely, against sadness is very difficult for people with bipolar.


The most important thing that people with severe mental disorders such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia can be recovered so that it can be productive again is self-acceptance. Aware that she was sick and require regular treatment from a doctor. Perhaps there is also a good idea to consult with a psychologist to change more positive self-image.

I still believe that people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder can still do something meaningful. I also believe that there is the meaning of our existence in the world. I also believe that there is a day where I could live off the toil of my own.

photograph by Iwan J Prasetyo

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