Bipolar’s Love Was Rejected

Falling in love is something that is very common for human experience. Likewise me. I’ve fallen in love a few times in my life. I want to say here about one journey of a tragic love I experienced. Fortunately, after that I still have to fall in love a few times again. That is, the rejection does not make me give up and traumatic.

I fell in love with my second cousin. I did not know exactly since when I started to expect she presented in my life. Because my feelings for her, some years I rejected some of the girls who try to come into my life. Whereas in reality, they were good girls and can accept my condition as bipolar sufferers.

Perhaps bipolar was not the only issue of why I was rejected by my prospective father in-laws. Indeed, I came to the girl’s house to propose her to become my wife. As a result, I was rebuffed. The girl’s father argued that there were already other people who propose. Perhaps he meant someone else was dating with his beautiful daughter.

My condition as bipolar sufferer is indeed a big problem for my family. As most people, they stigmatize people with this disease. They never, or do not even care to try that this disease is a common disease that can be overcome. Of course with the help of a doctor and a cooperative attitude of the sufferer. They are still of the view that this disease is a shameful disease.

I understood why I was denied. As soon as I was being rejected, my uncle apparently gave the opportunity for me to defend myself. But I did not take on the opportunity he gave me. For me, I did not need any attempt to defend myself. I was a bipolar sufferer, and it was obvious. When I received my illness, then I have to accept all of the consequences. Including rejected by my prospective father in-laws.

I am currently trying to open my heart to another. It is while I am doing something that I can do. For example, writing a novel and become bloggers. Blogger is a career, and from it we can get revenue. It is not easy to become a successful blogger. However, I was already heading in that direction. Amen.

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