Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: What Psychiatrist Do On Me Recently?

Hopefully you do not get bored if I repeat several times in this blog that I suffer from bipolar. That is indeed true. I want to make it as a starting point in building postings at this place. Several months ago, I asked for psychotherapy to my psychiatrists. Apparently, psychotherapy included in cognitive behavioral therapy.

A friend advised me to get psychotherapy from my psychiatrist. Actually, she is a psychiatrist as well, but not the psychiatrist who treated me during this time. My psychiatrist friend noticed that the drug therapy is already well underway. It do happen in my case as a bipolar patient. To achieve a better quality of life, according to her I need to have an advanced therapy. Therapy she has suggested is known as cognitive behavioral therapy, in this case is psychotherapy.

When I visited my psychiatrist on mothly control, I asked her, what psychotherapy meaning ?. This subject is so interesting because I having not known about it yet. The psychiatrist I always deal with recently replied that psychotherapy was cognitive behavioral therapy. Medical personnel do to patients with the aim to align the wrong view of himself or herself. Not only that, cognitive behavioral therapy also straighten the patients wrong views about their the social world. Her os his surroundings.

The Best Time To Do Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

For patients with severe mental disorders, psychiatrists should perform cognitive behavioral therapy when the patient is already in recovery state. Clinical psychologists and mental health nurses can also perform cognitive behavioral therapy. However it should with the approval of the doctor or psychiatrist who handle the mental health survivors. Should indeed psychiatrists appointed health workers who perform cognitive behavioral therapy. The psychiatrist can determine the right time to do cognitive behavioral therapy. Obviously with reviewing the conditions of patients who have recovered.

Most important is the patient having steady and stable mental condition when doctors decided to perform cognitive behavioral therapy. This is one important factor. Patients must be able to accept their suffer. That is their condition as people with severe mental disorders. Because of that self-acceptance, the patients are willing to take the drug regularly. Similarly, they take routinely control to psychiatrist when the medicine runs out.

My Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: What Psychiatrist Do On Me Recently

One day, on a control occasion, I complained to the psychiatrist. I live with my uncle and his family in Yogyakarta. Sometimes, as a businessman, he thought of his company and had upset looking. His attitude made me thought horrible. What if he was angry with me ?. What if I evicted from his home ?. Then where I should live yet?.

I continued to think so. Though there was no indication whatsoever he was mad at me. Or was about to drive me out of his house. He quite understood that I am a bipolar patient who are trying to recover. And I have pretty recovered. Sometimes the feeling was so real that I felt frightened. Finally, my psychiatrist told me to think realistic. The fact was, there was no indication that I was about to evicted. I’m trying to think like that, and in fact I was not expelled. There was also no sign that he was not pleased with me. After a while, I felt good about myself.

That’s an example of cognitive behavioral therapy. Simple but effective. However, a patient should remember this well. Cognitive behavioral therapy should be performed when the condition has been quite stable. Whether it haven’t, you need to have medications for bipolar or medications used to treat schizophrenia. If you are still reluctant to take the medication and the doctor’s visit, do not try to have it. If you’re still in its early stages, should psychiatrists do cognitive behavioral therapy to diligently take medications and care for yourself.

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