If I’m Not a Bipolar Disorder’s Sufferer

Whether had I not a bipolar sufferer, as if I now?. Actually, I never confuse it, but would like also to guess, how the current situation if I do not suffer from the severe mental disorder. Because of this disease, I had ever lost a job in Jakarta. Not just once, but twice.

If I'm Not a Bipolar Disorder's Sufferer

If I’m not a bipolar sufferer, maybe I’m able to maintain my job. Will grow my career and I have become an engineer or manager in a corporation. Problems in the world of work were very complex. In addition to the challenge of the work itself, we also must face the company culture and even office politicking. Of course, such a challenge would be easier faced by people who are “healthy”.

Maybe I’ve had a comfortable house in the suburbs of Jakarta. Similarly, I have a family with my beloved wife and get some of those dear children. Our life will be comfortable, and we will be a family of respectable middle-class.

Every morning I would get involved in a road traffic congestion in Jakarta. And I would hear my wife’s complaints about a variety of things. Starting from a fussy child up to the high exchange rate of the US dollar continues to soar. And I’ll smile to calm her down. Life was not to be complaining, but to be grateful, so perhaps my words to soothe my wife.

That is the answer, it’s not a life to be complaining, but to be grateful for as it is. Currently, obviously I am bipolar sufferer. Why do I have to wait to get a decent job to be happy?. Why should I have to wait to get married first to be grateful for the blessings that have been gained from the Lord?.

The answer is about self-acceptance. However, I must accept myself that I was bipolar patients. Therefore, I need treatment for bipolar depression and bipolar manic as well. Without having this disease, probably will not grow my empathy to fellow patients with this severe mental disorder. May not appear in my mind to participate and educate the public to abolish the stigma of the disease. There must be the purpose of our presence in the world.

photograph by Astungkara Wiguna

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