Jennifer Lawrence’s Awesome Tips On How To Deal With Bipolar People?

Who does not know Jennifer Lawrence?. She was the first Y Generation who won the Oscar Award. Just to remind, this is a generation of people born around nineteen nineties. Jennifer Lawrence won the award when she appeared in the Silver Linings Playbook movie. A widescreen film that aired on 2012 ago. Then how is the relationship between a celebrity with the question of how to deal with bipolar people ?. Does the author want to kidding ?.

Jennifer Lawrence's Awesome Tips On How To Deal With Bipolar People?

Indeed, their relationship is fine really. There is no serious problem. Steven Spielberg will make a movie with the theme of bipolar. He chose Jennifer Lawrence as the female lead. A dedicated young psychiatrist. On the movie plan, the psychiatrist will be pitted acting by the male lead. He suffers from bipolar disorder. Who will be the actor is a character in Harry Potter novels. He is “You Know Who”. Of course, this film will be shocking the world later.

Indeed, no one has written the screenplay. However, as a dedicated actress, Jennifer has started to prepare herself. She enrolled to study at John Hopkins Medical School. Jennifer Lawrence just only taking course on psychiatry as well. She took Prof. Kay Redfield Jamison, MD class. A professor of psychiatry who also suffered from bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Disorder Meaning

Jennifer Lawrence was very keen to attend Prof Jamison lectures. Eventually, she understood what bipolar is. To live up for the film which will be starred in, she need to understand it as well. It turned out that bipolar is a severe mental disorder that attacks a person’s psyche. Sufferers are experiencing mood swings which are very extreme. Namely manic and depressive conditions simultaneously. Depending on the type of bipolar he or she is suffering.

Actually, many aspects Jennifer has learned from Professor Jamison. For example about episodes that patients having experienced. There are the manic episodes, hypomania, depressive, and mixed state episodes. Jennifer Lawrence shudder to hear Prof. Kay Redfield Jamison statement. According to her, when experiencing mixed episodes, many people with bipolar thinks to get suicide. Then Jennifer thought, how to deal with bipolar people on the best way?.

How To Deal With Bipolar People?

Jennifer Lawrence wanted to have the answer. She then went to Tibet to meditate. Calming her mind to get the answers to questions that concerned her heart. Indeed she had learned directly to Dalai Lama himself to do meditation. In fact, meditation is beneficial. Not only for physical health. But also for inspiration and having insight.

On the fourth day of meditation, Jennifer Lawrence obtain a glimmer of light. She found the answer to her question. How to deal with bipolar people. Jennifer then packed his baggages and went to Yogyakarta for a vacation. We were having dated on Phoenix’s Hotel lobby just for chatted. The author was living in Yogyakarta. Phoenix Hotel are not far from home.

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the America’s Sweetheart. People as famous as she was willing to meet me in the lobby of the hotel that afternoon. She knew that I was suffering from bipolar disorder. She wanted to confront me with Steven Spielberg in order to replace “You Know Who”. This guy kinda scary for Jennifer as well. But Steve reject her proposal. The reason was because the author did not join theater extracurricular activities when attending college.

Have Medicine

According to Jennifer, the patients should immediately get health care. This is an important factor. The faster the psychiatrists do treatments, the better would be the prognosis. “What is prognosis, Jennifer ?,” I asked. Then she explained, “The hope of recovery, Fermy. it should be considered about”


Then, the patients ought to immediately accept themselves as well. This is the most difficult part. Due to it does take time. I commented on her statement, “I have reached this level, Jennifer.” Jennifer replied, “Good.”


It is also important. If something happens to the sufferers, then friends will be able in provide help. Or relatives who lived adjacent with us. So try to budge. No need to force others to hear. Even better to listen than to be heard. Of course this is easy for you, Jennifer, I thought. Jennifer is indeed not a bipolar sufferer. Se also learning meditation from Dalai Lama. But okay, I’ll try.

Conducts Useful Activities

Also encourage the sufferers to do worthwhile activities. As writing as passion. Or caring for flowers and other plants. Everybody should think for self-sufficient. Including people with bipolar disorder. Maybe from this passion bringing the way to it. Actually, Jennifer Lawrence was mentioned a lot of things. Everything about how to deal with bipolar people. But it’s enough for this time.

Where did I get to know the famous Jennifer Lawrence ?. Lest the writer just imagining it. Or the writer knows Jennifer, but indeed Jennifer Lawrence herself do not know me. Ah never mind. Ask yourself to the swaying grass.

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