Living As A Bipolar Affective Disorder Sufferer

Bipolar Affective Disorder is a relatively rare disease or disorder on the society. The incidence of this disease is only about 0.3% to 1.5% of the total population. It is much less than other psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, for instance. Schizophrenia has a greater incidence. Thus, there are little people living as Bipolar sufferer.

Living As A Bipolar Affective Disorder Sufferer

The disease is called Bipolar Affective Dissorder because the patients experienced mania or manic phase, the excitement or excessive euphoria accompanied by very high enthusiasm and also the depressive phase or a deep sadness and feelings of worthlessness that sometimes triggering the sufferer to commit suicide in extreme cases.

Someone who is “normal” or not having Bipolar Disorder is of course very natural or common if having sorrow at a time and another time experience the joy or happiness. It is common and normal. However, on Bipolar Affective Disorder sufferers, the turning mood or “mood-swing” is so distinctive that the sufferers are often forced to lose his job, or at least reduced productivity or job performance.

Substitution typical mood in bipolar patients is usually recognized by psychiatrists and psychologists. They call it “mood swing”. And someone is said suffering from Bipolar Affective Disorder must be through observation and diagnosis of a psychiatrist. It takes a long time. Therefore, do not rush to worry that you are also suffering from Bipolar. The author strongly believes that the mental health condition of the readers here are generally fine. Bipolar event or incident is very small as well.

Some Types of Bipolar Affective Disorder

There are several kinds of Bipolar Disorder have known today. Among them are Bipolar I, Bipolar II and Cyclothymia. This time the writer will only explain the type of Cyclothymia, because that’s the kind of Bipolar type the writer had suffered during the past dozen years. The writer chose to come open about this disease because I feel more comfortable to be known as Bipolar sufferers by friends as the writer’s own subjective reasons. Of course, the other bipolar patients also had subjective reasons to open himself or herself as Bipolar sufferers or even better hide it. It is something that is can not be generalized for all Bipolar sufferers.

The type of Cyclothymia of Bipolar Affective Disorder is a chronic Bipolar. Individuals with Cyclothymia type experiencing symptoms of mild depression that occurs continuously and alternated with mild manic symptoms as well. Bipolar sufferers usually decreased his or her work productivity, even to the possibility of losing their jobs.

On the past, Bipolar Disorder was called Manic-Depressive illness since the advent of typical manic and depressive phases are happening on sufferers. My friends who are also suffering from Bipolar disease were Sir Isaac Newton, the British physicist and mathematician, Sir Winston Churchill, the former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Ernest Hemingway, a famous author, Charles Dickens, an influential intellectual of his time, and Sydney Sheldon, a producer and novelist who is still famous recently. And of course there are many of my other comrades.

Became a Bipolar Affective Disorder Sufferer

I began to suffer from Bipolar Affective Disorder since I studied in the university till now. Because of it was why I get out of several company as suddenly get an “attack”. That were happened when the disorder relapse. And in fact, it can be overcome with medical attention. That is, in fact, Bipolar sufferers are still able to work and take part in society as long as he or she realized that he or she was sick and understand the limits that he or she could be done and able to recognize certain conditions when the disorder appears.

Many of Bipolar patients having lack on medical care. In this case, the writer included in the group of patients who has a quite well medical services. Incidentally, indeed this month the medicine for “mood stabilizers” could not be bought because the price is very expensive. But fortunately, the other drugs are still covered by my wallet. In this case, I tried to cope by avoiding conflicts with anyone. Furthermore, not to open the front of conflicts with anyone.

Cope With the Illness

If the writer feels offended by the behavior or remarks of others, the writer immediately realized that the writer was less of drugs. So, maybe the lest offense or hurt feeling of the writer was due to the writer’s hypersensitivity as Bipolar Affective Disorder sufferers. Therefore, the author will continue to succumb to other. No need to have a conflict with anyone. It is no avail. Firstly, because it is only spend energy with no purposes and benefits. Secondly, it is to keep the writer’s own mental health as Bipolar sufferers.

I think it is enough of this review as an additional discourse to the readers. Hopefully giving a little insight into this disease. And to the other people with bipolar affective disorder, what I want to say is that you are all not alone. Many people with bipolar who remain productive and stead for humanity. Hopefully, we are most of those who perform it.

I know that it is not very easy. Not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. But I believe that it could be done. I still hoping.

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