Mental Health Disorders Problem, How to Cope With Pessimistic Life?

Nowadays, mental health disorders is not yet a widespread public attention. Though this problem is very important and should concern us all..Suffering from severe mental health disorders is clearly not comfortable. Far from pleasant feelings. However, what if God destined us to be a mental health disorders patient or sufferer ?. This happened to this post writer. Several times revealed in this blog that I was bipolar disorder sufferers. A mood disorder. Sufferers experience their mood to swing between manic phase and a depressive phase repeatedly. And it happens throughout the life of us, the sufferers. Ofcourse including me.

Mental Health Disorders Problem, How to Cope With Pessimistic Life?

Bipolar Affective Disorders, or sometimes known as only bipolar disorder, occurs in about two percent of the population. Both in Indonesia and America. I am sure that figure does not shift away to other places on earth. Not much, but if we count from about seven billion world population, the people who suffer from Bipolar Affective Disorder is approximately one hundred forty million people. A fantastic number. That count is greater than Yogyakarta’s population. Yogyakarta is my hometown.

Have Control and Treatments to Psychiatrist Diligently

To achieve the recovered conditions, a person with Bipolar Affective Disorders needs to see a doctor and taking medication regularly. A psychiatrist is authorized to prescribe psychopharmachy medicine to relieve the symptoms experienced by sufferers. This also applies to patients with other severe mental health disorders. Not only people with bipolar. Also probably you need major depressive disorder treatment or major depressive disorder treatment as well. It depends of what kind of disorder you have.

Often encountered patients who were not taking psychopharmachy medication regularly. Usually the society negative stigmas encourages a patient reluctant to take the medicine continuously. And indeed the necessity of patients to take medication is often being the subject of bullying. Especially in Indonesia. The writer does not know how it is in the other parts of the world.

Public Acceptance To The Mental Health Disorders Sufferer

Does taking medication is everything ?. Apparently not, although there is adherence to medicines are a major for people with severe mental health disorders. When the patient begins to recover and facing social life, usually he or she also addressing psychosocial issues. Psychological problems when dealing with life as a social being. It can be acceptance of his or her friends. No one wanted him to accept abuse as a result of this illness. This leads to pessimistic life for the sufferers in facing life.

Efforts To Independent

Often found that mental health disorders patients are older adults when it starts to suffer. Recovering from sickness obviously takes time and diligence of its own. Therefore, when a mental health disorders patient has reached a recovery, then he or she was already older. It makes his or her chances of getting a job becomes narrower. Of course, patients with mental health disorders become increasingly pessimistic to face life. Pessimists envision the future.

Slow down and do not need to force themselves too much, a patient who recovered from mental health disorders should think about the opportunity to work on a freelance basis. The author believes there are some freelance work even exceeds the steady jobs income in the office. Slowly let us prepare ourselves so as to have enough skill to work independently. Patients recovered from mental health disorders can try to have snack orders or having a coffee shop. Or maybe have blogging and monetize it at Google AdSense. It depends on their passions.

As people recovered from mental health disorders, the writer himself trying to create blogs and monetized it through Google AdSense program. But till now I has never got my dollar from them. That’s because the writer does not have sufficient knowledge on blogging worlds and internet marketing yet. I still have to learn a lot.

To the all people with severe mental health disorders around the world, you are not alone in this world. I’m with you. Trust me.

photograph by Astungkara Wiguna

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