Do Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Facts Make You Feel Stupid?

Post traumatic stress disorder is included in the class of anxiety disorder. This post traumatic stress disorder, or more commonly referred to by its acronym, PTSD, is one type of mental health illness. This disorder is unique and people differentiate it from an ordinary anxiety because of its cause. What causes PTSD is the incidence or bad experience that people have experienced in the past. This article will reveal post traumatic stress disorder facts so that your knowledge of this subject will increase. Thus, you will not feel left behind and stupid anymore.

People may experience PTSD due to domestic violence and other violence during childhood. But adults with unusual horrible experiences can also experience it. For example, due to rape, robbery, threatened soul and others. The terrible bad experiences of natural disasters are also one of the main contributing factors. Until now in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, one of the provinces in Indonesia, there are still many post traumatic stress disorder sufferers due to the great tsunami that occurred at the end of 2004 or early 2005. This event received great attention from all over the world.

Known Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Facts

Do Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Facts Make You Feel Stupid?

War veterans are also susceptible to this PTSD disorder. In an atmosphere of war, its mainframe was killed or killed. Surely it will affect their consciousness as human beings. In the war, they also saw close friends killed one by one. It could be in a really awful way. Therefore, war veterans are particularly vulnerable to PTSD. Below I will present known post traumatic stress disorder facts. This disorder can be very serious. You need to know to alert if your nearest person turns out to be its sufferer.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms

Patients often experience episodes of flashbacks, nightmares and painful memories that reappear. Especially when experiencing something reminiscent of traumatic events causes PTSD. People with PTSD also experience dull emotions, sleep disorders, depression and anxiety. Often people also encounter patients with PTSD experience irritability. They are unable to control their emotions and burst into anger.

PTSD Incidence

About three point six percent of the entire US adult population has PTSD. They are at the productive age of 18 to 54 years old. There are thirty percent of war veterans who come home with this disorder. Both men and women. Previously they fought in the Vietnam War. We also find PTSD in some of the Gulf War veterans who return home.

When Will The First PTSD Being Happened?

Post traumatic stress disorder can occur at any age. Means the sufferer’s age range is wide enough. Covers childhood to adulthood. Symptoms begin to appear usually three months after the traumatic event. Often the disturbance has not appeared until many years later. The severity of individual sufferers varies greatly. Some people can recover within a period of medical treatment for six months, while others may suffer for much longer.

Treatments for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Researches showed that psychotherapy is very effective for patients with PTSD. Psychotherapy can be either cognitive behavioral therapy or support groups. It is a fact that support groups are very effective to support therapy for people with mental disorders. You can get a further perspective on the support groups in this post.

Associated with the sleep trouble, drugs are proved also very helpful. The therapist uses it to relieve symptoms of sleeplessness in patients. In addition, medicines can relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety accompanying this post traumatic stress disorder. These medicines are of course derived from the class of antidepressants and antianxiety as well. Researches showed that people with PTSD have a lower than normal cortisol level. However, they have higher epinephrine and norepinephrine than normal levels.

Any Related Illnesses

Often people encounter patients with PTSD with other related diseases. For example, alcoholism or other drug abuse. Likewise, depression or phobia for instance. Effective therapy is built by treating this accompanying disease together with the treatment for post traumatic stress disorder itself.

So, this is less about the post traumatic stress disorder facts you and I need to know. Experts are still doing research to find out more about this subject.

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