What Are Symptoms of Schizophrenia You Have to Know?

Is the person you care about starting to look lost touch with reality?. Or people close to you are hearing voices that other people do not hear ?. Or does she or he see and feel something that others doesn’t ?. People with these symptoms might be experiencing schizophrenia, a serious brain disorder. Disturbances in the brain causes this severe mental disorders. This paper will explore issues about what are symptoms of schizophrenia. We have to know it as perhaps someone relating with us having this disorder as well.

What Are Symptoms of Schizophrenia You Have to Know?

Initially people named this disease with Dementia Paecox, but now everyone agreed to use the same term, schizophrenia. Early meaning of schizophrenia is divided mind. But in fact, the term is used to describe severe mental illness with symptoms such as we will have described later.

Initially, before doctors diagnosed the writer as being bipolar, originally my diagnosis was schizophrenia. Some years ago the psichiatrists changed the diagnosis to bipolar. You may read my story about my suffering from severe mental illness on this post and this one. It’s very understandable why the writer was concerned with this issue.

Schizophrenia disorders figured 0.8 percent of the population in Indonesia. It is based on the last record. In the US and other countries, the writer believe that the numbers are about the same. It usually affects the productive age of 16 to 45 years old. Have never encountered people suffering from schizophrenia after the age of 45 years. Men and women have the same risk to suffer from this mental disorder.

What Are Symptoms of Schizophrenia ?.

Experts classify the symptoms of schizophrenia into three categories as well. First of all is the Positive Symptoms, namely that things may start to happen in patients with schizophrenia. The second is the Negative Symptoms, ie things that stop happening to them. And last but not least is the Thinking Problems. Since the latter is related to the ability to think, so we called it as Cognitive Symptoms as well.

Positive Symptoms

Due to usually people recognize a person suffering from schizophrenia because of the positive symptoms, then it is important to describe what are symptoms of schizophrenia, in this case are positive symptoms. People with positive symptoms is undergoing lapses of thought and the normal functioning as well. Due to people with these symptoms are sometimes unable to distinguish which are real and which one are not, then the person have psychotic behavior. These symptoms include;


It happens when someone see, hear, smell, or feel something that others do not. Hearing voices is common on people with schizophrenia. This can take a plenty of time, but unfortunately friends or relatives often do not realize that it is a nuisance as well.


It happens when a person is sure to things that are not real. For instance, believes that people on television show or youtube invited to speak directly to him or her. Sometimes people who experience it believe that the police is chasing them and they having threats. Likewise, believing that others are trying to hurt them.

Confused Thought and Speech

People who have been experiencing it have an unusual or useless way of thinking. People with thought disorder usually have problems in arranging his or her thoughts as well. Sometimes the person will stop talking in the middle of thinking process due to this disorder. Therefore, to solve this problem some of them would fabricate a story that does not have any meaning.

Concentrating Trouble

For example is when a person loses a soap opera storylines on television when watching it. Or when watching a show on youtube.

Different Movements

Often we find people with schizophrenia doing stimulated body movements ulated but not natural. Person with a movement disorder may repeat certain movements in a plenty of time. In other situations, heor she stops moving or speaking for a while. The medical term called this catatonia.

Negative Symptoms

Negative symptoms are also important in what are symptoms of schizophrenia. Negative symptoms refer to the difficulty to express emotions and enable them to normal. When a person with schizophrenia experiencing it, then the symptoms will be similar to depression. People with negative symptoms might indicate;


A person with negative symptoms of schizophrenia will be looked dazed and bewildered. Devoid of emotion. They are having a little talk or show his feelings. When speaking, their voice sounded flat. Phisicians calls this flat affect.


He or she stops or is not interested in communicating with others. Due to them like a monk, spoke with them often making others frustrating.

Struggling with The Basic of Daily Life

They began to lazy to take care of themselves, including to shower and dress appropriately. Therefore, this is the most obvious sign of what are symptoms of schizophrenia.

No Follow-Through

People with schizophrenia have problems to stay on schedule. Due to it, they are difficult to finish what they had started. Above all, they are not even able to start anything at all.

Thinking Problems

As already mentioned earlier, this phenomena is also called the Cognitive Symptoms due to people with schizophrenia have problems with cognitive aspects. Thinking is how well the brain for learns, storages and uses information. Person with schizophrenia are difficult to use their working memory. Not easy to see cognitive symptoms, but it is difficult for them to care for themselves till get a job. Among them are;

  • Difficulties when using the information to make a decision.
  • Difficulties when they want to use the information after learning it.
  • The difficulty to make decisions as well.


The answer to what are symptoms of schizophrenia have a widely range. The symptoms of schizophrenia have positive and negative symptoms as well as cognitive symptoms. If you find that your loved ones have some of these symptoms, you should lead her or him to seek help at the nearest health care.

Talking to a counselor or clinical psychologist could perhaps be done first due to people with schizophrenia symptoms refused to meet a psychiatrist. A clinical psychologist will help to solve the problem. He or she will try to convince the patient if they needs further help as well.

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