The Truth About Lung Cancer Definition and Causes

The Truth About Lung Cancer Definition and Causes

Cancer is the abnormal development of cells within the body. It is among the leading causes of death all around the world. Annually, roughly 7,300 people who have not ever smoked will die from lung cancer because of secondhand smoke. This post will propose lung cancer definition and causes as well. If a cell becomes sufficient power and raw materials, then it could replace itself with stronger cells. They can read this code. Cancer cells grow uncontrollably and have the capability to metastasize. After you have a firm understanding of lung cancer definition and causes, you might decide what to do next.

lung cancer definition

There are many varieties of cancer categorized based on the organ affected. There are several different forms of cancer, and they’re able to develop at any portion of the human body including, the epidermis, lung, colon, breast, bones, blood or the nerves. Find more information regarding these risks and the way it is possible to stop cancer. Researchers believe that the most deadly of cancers is lung cancer. It doesn’t present any symptoms until well advanced. Lung cancer is related to the uncontrolled development of cells in either one or the two of the lungs.

People working in an asbestos-procuring or manufacturing company should be mindful of the hazards of their job so that they can implement appropriate action to fix the issue. Cancer of the lungs may also cause fluids to accumulate in the lungs. It can also be determined by blood analysis as it releases a protein which can easily be detected. Cancer brought on by chemicals at work is too prevalent.

Lung Cancer Definition and Causes

Lung Cancer Definition

We go through the meaning part of lung cancer definition and causes. National Cancer Institute define Lung Cancer as, “Cancer that forms in tissues of the lung, usually in the cells lining air passages. The two main types are small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. These types are diagnosed based on how the cells look under a microscope.” Now, lets we explore further about lung cancer definition and causes. This post will give you more understanding to it.

Lung cancer is, in fact, one broad term for various kinds of carcinomas. Although it is most commonly diagnosed among people 65-74 years of age, it can occur at younger generations. At the earlier stage, it will not produce symptoms initially. The main cause for lung cancer is exposure to tobacco for a lengthy period. When cancer spreads from its original place in the lung to some other portion of the body like the brain, it’s called metastatic lung cancer, not brain cancer. Indeed, it’s essential to know lung cancer definition and causes.

Lung Cancer Causes

It is now the leading cause of cancer deaths in both men and women in the United States and throughout the world. In the majority of instances, the health professionals will have diagnosed small cell lung cancer has spread to other regions of the body.

lung cancer causes

Don’t just assume your lung cancer was a result of smoking alone. There are lots of causes of cancer, and it isn’t right to consider only a single purpose of it. The kind of this illness, the stage it’s at when diagnosed, and the total state of the patient all play a part in determining survival. To start with, let’s get to understand this sort of cancer better. As a consequence, lung cancer receives the least research funding compared to other. It is one of the deadliest types of lung cancer since it affects the lungs, which is the primary organ for breathing. Primary lung cancer is frequently a malignant type of the disease. Hope you now have the first understanding of lung cancer definition and causes indeed.

Lung Cancer’s Classification

There are two kinds of lung cancer. Namely, Small Cell Lung Cancers (SCLC) and Non-Small Cell Lung Cancers (NSCLC). Both of these types of cancers develop, spread, and therefore the doctor will treat them in various ways. Thus, a distinction between both of these forms is vital. It’s the chief cause of cancer deaths for both women and men and also the second most frequent cancer in the United States. At this time, it’s among the most significant examples of precision medication. It’s among the most common carcinoma worldwide, and among the deadliest. As it’s so familiar, it’s essential to comprehend the causes. There are two or three diverse kinds of non-small cell lung cancer.

Small Cell Lung Cancers (SCLC)

SCLC contains about ten to fifteen percent of lung cancer. This sort of lung cancer is the most aggressive and fast growing of all those types. SCLCs metastasize quickly to numerous sites in the human body, and we most often discover it once they’ve spread broadly.

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancers (NSCLC)

NSCLC has become the most frequent lung cancer, accounting for approximately 85 percent of all scenarios. NSCLC contains three main forms designated by the sort of cells within the tumor. They are:

Adenocarcinomas would be the most Frequent Kind of NSCLC in the U.S. and include around 40 percent of lung cancer instances. While we connect adenocarcinomas with smoking such as other lung cancers, this kind we can also find it on non-smokers — particularly girls — that create lung cancer. Many adenocarcinomas develop in the outer, or peripheral, regions of their lungs. Also, they have a propensity to spread to the lymph nodes and outside. It might seem like pneumonia to a torso X-ray. It’s increasing in frequency and also occurs more frequently in girls. Individuals with this kind of lung cancer often have a much better outlook than those with additional types of lung cancer.

Squamous Cell Carcinomas were previously more prevalent than adenocarcinomas; now, they account for approximately 25 percent to 30 percent of all lung cancer cases. Also called epidermoid carcinomas, squamous cell cancers appear most often in the torso area from the bronchi. This sort of lung cancer most frequently stays inside the lung, which spreads to lymph nodes and develops quite abundant, forming a pit.

Large Cell Carcinomas, occasionally known as undifferentiated carcinomas, are the most frequent kind of NSCLC. This sort of cancer includes a higher propensity to spread into the lymph nodes and distant sites.

Rare/Uncommon Lung Cancer

Other kinds of cancers may arise in the lung; those kinds are not as common than NSCLC and SCLC and collectively comprise only five to ten percent of lung cancer:

  • Bronchial carcinoids accounts for as much as 5 percent of lung cancer. It usually attack sufferers under the age of forty.
  • Cancers of encouraging lung tissue like smooth muscle, blood vessel cells or cells involved in the immune response are infrequent in the lung.

Tumors from any place in the body can spread into the lungs either via the blood, through the circulatory system, or straight from neighboring organs. Metastatic tumors are most often multiple, dispersed throughout the lung and also concentrated at the outer regions as opposed to the fundamental areas of the body.

Symptoms and signs of lung cancer of course will be different from those on Mental Health. For instance, bipolar disorder signs and symptoms and symptoms of ptsd. The signals of lung cancer are primarily the same in both women and men, but whenever the symptoms do appear, they frequently overlap with those found in different illnesses. It is the leading cause of death in the United States besides of Canada. Let’s go through to explore this disease. What we mention above is the exposure of lung cancer definition and causes.

Main Reason of Lung Cancer

The main reason for lung cancer is exposure to tobacco for a very long period. It’s essential to note that lung cancer is multifactorial. People with lung cancer that are interested in participating in a clinical trial should talk to their healthcare provider. It is the leading cause of cancer deaths in both men and women in the United States and throughout the world. It is dangerous since it is one of the most challenging forms of cancer. Prognosing lung cancer can be quite terrible.

Approximately 80 percent of lung cancer deaths are brought on by smoking, and several others are brought on by exposure to secondhand smoke. Smoking is apparently the most potent threat variable for lung cancer, but it frequently interacts with other aspects. Smokers subjected to other famous risk factors such as radon and asbestos are at even higher risk. You need to be aware of this after learning lung definition and causes.

Treatment for Lung Cancer

lung cancer treatment

Perhaps this is one important thing you want to know after understanding much more about lung cancer definition and causes. One most common treatment for lung cancer is surgery. It is only applicable in the early stages when this disease has not yet spread. Before it happens, tests should be done to examine the patient’s state of health and lung function to be sure that their body can withstand the impacts. The patient will put under strong sedation utilizing general aesthetic. After the operation, it’s incredibly essential that the patient will begin moving about whenever possible. It is intended to help calm nervous patients since they wait for their appointment. You wouldn’t find this on major depressive disorder treatment or substance abuse cases like treatment for heroin addiction.

In the lack of any complications, probably the patients will be prepared to go home about 5-10 days after their operation. Usually, the healthcare provider or hospital provides a care team. The patients and their caregivers may discuss with them about which kinds of exercise are ideal. If a cancer patient is well informed and knowledgeable, he or she’ll definitely select the organic cures for cancer, rather than the mainstream cancer therapy. Patients experiencing lung cancer ought to have the correct nutrition, including foods full of antioxidants. Various patients and various sorts of the disease may respond to different kinds of real treatments.

Lung Cancer’s Support Therapy

The sufferers should continue the treatment for many weeks after apparent clinical cure. It is dependent upon the seriousness of the disorder. Accordingly, some health and surgical procedures are available. Therapy will base on the etiologic and pathophysiologic things responsible. Moreover, therapy has to be individualized, considering the seriousness of symptoms and prognosis. When the patients have finished the radiation therapy, follow-up care is necessary for the remainder of the patients’ life.

Throughout the lung cancer management, the individual ought to be helped morally with the support of psychotherapy, which is more than necessary with the intention of raising the efficiency of primary therapy and improving the standard of life. Many patients are diagnosed well with their illness, long past when surgery would be an alternative. Future lung cancer patients ought to have the chance to gain from these types of drives. Having support groups for this disease will be as effective as support groups for depression for its sufferers.

What to Do Then?

If you believe you may have lung cancer, call your doctor immediately. Speak with your physician about the goals of each treatment and that which it is possible to expect while receiving the therapy. The procedure is usually a mixture of surgery, chemotherapy, and might or might not utilize radiotherapy. The other regional treatment is the use of radiation therapy. Fortunately, there are various diverse treatments to think about helping with a wide variety of symptoms. The ultimate goal of knowing lung cancer definition and causes is to avoid this disease. You already know the reason, isn’t it?.

Causes Of Depression In Teens The Parents Should Recognize

Causes Of Depression In Teens

Depression will strike anyone. However, teens seem to be at a better risk than others. Parents should know more about the causes of depression in teens. Their bodies and minds are trapped in a very storm of physical and secretion changes. For the primary time in their lives, teens are moon-faced with real-world issues. And often, they don’t have the requisite skills to confront those issues and overcome them. This inability to manage their perceptions and things ends up in negative thoughts and eventually to depression. There are several biological, psychological and social factors resulting in depression.

Causes Of Depression In Teens The Parents Should Recognize

Depression may be a robust feeling of disappointment that makes one lose interest in life. Depression is most typical in Asian and geographical region countries like Asian country and Asian countries, accounting to up to 10 percent of the population. However, Western countries like America do well on this front. Hardly four percent of their natives suffer from depression. As a matter of reality, there are several countries that haven’t nevertheless been surveyed for measuring depression among their teens. For making awareness among such countries, we tend to should unfold the word concerning causes of adolescent depression and therefore the remedies for it.

What Causes Of Depression In Teens?

There are several causes of depression in teens. You should recognize it well.

Pressure to perform well

The most widespread reason for causes of depression in teens is that the pressure to perform well in teachers. Folks are naturally terribly happy with their youngsters and expect them to perform a lot of on the far side their capacities. Once youngsters fail to perform for sure, folks blame the kid for being distracted or uninterested.

Family problems

Problems like separation of fogeys or conflict would possibly scar teens. A teen, who is at a confusing stage in his life, could blame himself for the issues between conflicting folks. Sometimes, folks will unknowingly vent their negative feelings on their teenager and worsen the case. Money issues within the family could lead a young person to feel that he’s or she’s unnecessary burden.

Lack of attention

Lack of attention from folks throughout teenaged years is an explanation for depression. Relationships in dysfunctional families are weak and might quickly deteriorate, basically forgetting the kid. Teens are still not fully-formed adults. They will appear quite capable of being freelance, they have support from time to time. The requirement to be freelance will alienate a young person from his folks.

Hormonal changes

First feelings of attraction towards the other sex create themselves apparent throughout the adolescent years. Teens have an awfully simplified method of gazing things and would possibly get trapped in a very storm of hormones. Such entanglements are nerve-racking. Breakups or unanswered love is terribly troublesome for a young person to know and trot out.

Heredity issues

Some people have a genetic predisposition for depression because of heredity. This can be particularly the case, if there’s another cognate within the family with a history of depression. Any of the higher than factors would possibly act as a trigger for this tendency and cause depression in teens.


This is an awfully serious issue that causes depression among teens. Bullying will take any kind, whether or not on the playground or on the net. Already vulnerable, bullying would possibly reinforce negative thoughts concerning himself, lowering his or her shallowness. The teens may feel suffocated as a result of he sees no method of escaping bullying, and this causes depression.

Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse in childhood or early adolescence may seriously hamper the emotional growth of a young person. Physical abuse has similar effects. The teens develop feelings of despair, helplessness and deep shame. With growing age, these feelings are additional consolidated and cause depression.

Drug addiction

Teenager is additionally the amount once youngsters initial encounter alcohol, cigarettes and presumably alternative medication. Being lacking the acceptable judgmental capability of an adult, teens would possibly create wrong decisions and find yourself changing into addicts and abusing this medication. Despite why they begin or that substance they abuse, even prolonged fag smoking, will have an adverse impact on teens. Dependence on such substances will increase with time and therefore the side effects cause depression. And might be fatal in some cases.

There are several choices for the treatment for your teens. Among them is psychotherapy and support groups. Perhaps your loved one need medications too.

Should You Know What Causes Depression and Anxiety?, Yes, Read This!

Should You Know What Causes Depression and Anxiety?.

Do you want to know what causes depression and anxiety as well?. If you d0 so, it’s likely you need to read this post anyway. When it involves mental state difficulties in youngsters, it will facilitate to believe things in terms of risk and protecting factors. Each kid and family can expertise toughness and challenges (risk factors) and everyone can have some resources and strengths to assist through difficult times (protective factors). Life is jam-packed with challenges for everybody. However a number of United States face a lot of challenges than others.

Should You Know What Causes Depression and Anxiety?, Yes, Read This!

Typically speaking, the a lot of risk factors there area unit in someone’s life, the upper their probabilities of developing a mental state condition. What causes depression and anxiety could be traced here. This doesn’t mean that each younger United Nations agency faces challenges can expertise mental state difficulties. Totally different mixtures of risk factors have an effect on the United States in several ways in which. And support from family and friends will facilitate youngsters build resilience – the flexibility to address life’s difficulties.

What is The Reason Behind Depression?

Let’s move the case and obtain beneath the medico-babble of depression being a chemical imbalance. Up to now there’s still no proof that the brain’s chemistry. Suddenly, and for no clear or apparent reason, goes awry. I’ve detected shoppers describe, however their doctors have told them they need a chemical imbalance which they ought to feel no stigma of taking a life long drug to even out their chemical imbalances rather like a diabetic would take endocrine to iron out blood glucose imbalances. And indeed, no one, notwithstanding their mental or emotional condition ought to feel stigmatized.

However, there’s countless proof that life experiences, loss and trauma will cause emotional and religious blocks that lead to a depression of the spirit and a loss of energy. This is what causes depression and anxiety anyway. The solutions to that area unit on the far side the physical. After we explore for religious solutions during a physical realm, we have a tendency to area unit victimization terribly crude and basic interpretations of what makes United States a totally purposeful person. It’s like taking a TV apart to do and notice the moving pictures!. We have a tendency to area unit such a lot quite the physical.

When we introduce antidepressants into the body, THEN we’ve got a chemical imbalance that the body acclimatized to, that is why it will be tough returning off them. As a result of after you do, you expertise withdrawal symptoms that cause the body’s systems to bestow all varieties of unresolved trauma and suppressed feeling. It’s safer to remain on them if you don’t shrewdness to manage the autumn out. I’m not a medical doctor therefore I’m not advocating you go cold turkey on your medicinal drug. I’m simply here to stimulate you to contemplate what proportion you’re ready to require management back of your mental and emotional well-being and whether or not you’re prepared nonetheless to create that journey.

What Causes Depression and Anxiety?

What causes depression and anxiety?. Several notions have seeped into our collective understanding concerning however we have a tendency to return to be depressed or anxious. The foremost common and misleadingly easy plan is that these issues result from a chemical imbalance within the brain. The huge company promotes this concept in order that we would flock to their merchandise to realize relief from our misery, that we regularly do. More reasonably on behalf of me, the present and promising state of our understanding of the event of depression and anxiety identifies the chronic expertise of quality. Defeat and denial as a first-rate perpetrator.

Lots of the proof shows that animals respond physiologically and behavior in ways in which look plenty like stress, depression and anxiety significantly once social standing is lost. This response is known to be an adaptive approach of handling being a foot soldier. A subordinate monkey or wolf is in real danger of death if it signals any challenge to its dominant counterpart. Evolved ways in which of unplugging from being a threat to an even bigger catarrhal area unit life-saving. The proof is that social mammals have evolved wired-in defeat systems. But once quality becomes a continuing in life, these defeat systems get crowded on (hello stress system!). It’s really inflicting emotional and physical sickness. How we have a tendency to human animals might return to feel swamped follows from several acquainted and uninterrupted external and internal conditions. Intractable issues at your job, chronic pain and health issues, relationship and money burdens, bullying and harassment, then several different conditions will collapse hope. Internally, we have a tendency to be also terribly wedged in grim habitual ways in which of seeing and considering ourselves.

Domestic Violence as What Causes Depression and Anxiety

Heavy messages and abuse throughout childhood and later traumatic events will unconsciously script our internal self-narrative in adulthood. Unresolved early abusive relationships, create it a lot of possibility that we’ll feel and behave with similar quality in our dealings within the adult world. It’s a refined quality of mind, however a really powerful one. Feeling and thinking inveterate that we’re unworthy or inadequate area unit internal conditions that feel uncontrollable, continuous and ineluctable. Constantly feeling unfree and defeated could be a basic approach during which depression and anxiety arise. And dangerous header simply keeps United States stuck in extra ways in which and compounds our despair.

What Are The Causes Of Bipolar Disorder Secrets Revealed

What are the causes of bipolar disorder is still mystery nowadays.

Bipolar Disorder is a very complex type of mental health illness. This disease is difficult to cure. The term heal is perhaps even inappropriate. What’s more likely is that this disease cannot be cured as well. Treatment in patients is an attempt to ease symptoms where bipolar sufferers experience it. What are the causes of bipolar disorder also remains a big question. People who are involved in mental health issues generally agree that there is no single cause so that a person suffers from bipolar. Therefore the question what is the cause of bipolar disorder is not appropriate. It’s more appropriate if we questioned what are the causes of bipolar disorder?.

What Are The Causes Of Bipolar Disorder Secrets Revealed

Some sources revealed that the incidence of bipolar disorder accounted for one percent of the total population. Other sources revealed there were about one and a half percent of the population. This mental illness causes the sufferer to drag a very drastic mood swing. The mood is manic, depressive and hypomania. Therefore, people used to refer to this disease as manic-depressive. Please open this link to get some more details.

What Are The Causes Of Bipolar Disorder Known To Date?.

As I explained at the beginning of the article. There was really no single cause for this kind of mental disorder. Until now, in general, people accused there were at least three factors causing the emergence of this disease. That factors were biological causes, psychological cause and social factors. Therefore, they called this disease as a biopsychosocial disease. Some observers mentioned that there a fourth factor, the spiritual factor. But not many agreed with this opinion. I myself am more inclined to refer to this disease as a biopsychosocial disease instead of biopsychosociospiritual. Connecting this disease with spiritual problems is counterproductive to a sufferer like me, for example.

Biological Problems

In general, we must already know what I mean by biological factors. Well, precisely, biological factors are the contributing factor of our state as living beings of the Animal Kingdom’s member. We divide it into two, namely genetic factors and brain chemistry factors.

Genetic Factors

If your immediate family is suffering from bipolar disorder, then your chances of getting the same disease increase ten to twentyfold. In percentage, twenty percent of bipolar sufferers have family members who also suffer from this disease. This number increases to sixty percent of identical twin cases. But there is a different perspective as well. Means there is a possible forty percent of identical twin cases that do not experience bipolar disorder. There are other influencing factors.

What is also important to remember is that the genes that cause this disorder have not yet be found until now. So the researchers are still studying this genetic problem as well. They sometimes still find opposite results between each other. Again, there is no single factor.

Brain Chemicals

Simply put, we can say that the neurotransmitter imbalance in the brain is the cause of bipolar disorder. Neurotransmitters are hormones that allow communication and interconnection between synapses. Synapse is the connection between brain cells so the brain is able to process information. People often point out that the unbalanced neurotransmitter is dopamine. A hormone responsible for feelings of happiness. We now know more about what are the causes of bipolar disorder, especially about its biological causes.

Psychological Problems

In addition to biological problems, the emergence factor of bipolar disorder is a psychological factor. This is one of the main factors. Children with a history of domestic violences have a greater risk of bipolar disorder. I invite you to read this article to get a fuller picture. Similarly, severe problems during adolescence to adulthood also affect as well. Stress that accumulates without early treatment is one of the trigger factors in the emergence of this bipolar disorder.

Individuals as human beings are absolutely different. There is a very simple problem for others. The same problem for a person actually causes huge stress. Therefore, self-education to manage stress is very important. You could read here about stress management. A healthy and balanced state of mind keeps the possibility of suffering from this disease.

Social Factors

This is also an important issue. Social factors are indeed the cause of bipolar disorder. How does environment affect you?. A demanding and intolerant social environment will make you depressed. This is what triggers the emergence of this disorder. Actually, social factors are also a reflection of yourself. If you are skilled managing friendships, this certainly will not happen as well. This is closely related to the previous factor, namely psychological factors.

Social skills are a learned intelligence. Perhaps Daniel Goleman was the first to discover it. The more skilled you are in controlling the social environment. Then the happier you will be as an individual. In addition, you prevent the emergence of bipolar disorder or other mental health illness. However, again, I need to emphasize that the appearance of this disorder has been never due to a single cause. You need to learn the art of living and surviving.

What If I Have Been Experienced It?

We have been talking about what are the causes of bipolar disorder as well. Perhaps a question arises in your mind, what if I have been exposed to this kind of mental illness?. Obviously you need help from the nearest health services. Do not be reluctant to meet a psychiatrist and get treatment. I invite you to read this post about treatment to bipolar patient. Hopefully you get further perspective.

What you need to understand is the treatments for these patients would last for the long-term. Perhaps you, me and other bipolar sufferers around the world still have to take lifelong medication. That’s if researchers have not found other more advanced therapies yet.

Cracking The Ultimate Killer Of What Causes Depression And Anxiety Secret

what causes depression and anxiety

Indonesia shocked and grieved at March 17, 2017 ago. On that day, Pahinggar Indrawan alias Indra committed suicide successfully. That event was special because Indra uploaded the suicide chronological in his facebook account. Approximately 100K viewers watching the horrific events before facebook remove it. They said, Pahinggar did so because of severe depression. The question was, what causes depression and anxiety as well ?.

Cracking The Ultimate Killer Of What Causes Depression And Anxiety Secret

This question is interesting because of course we do not want to do what was done by Pahinggar Indrawan. Depression is related to anxiety as a fellow mental health disorders. We often see these two things in everyday life. Causes of depression coincide with most of anxiety causes if might not be said exactly the same.

Depression is a mental health disorder that occurs at least for two weeks. Most people experience it for more than that. This disorder affects the mindset, feeling, mood, and how to respond to everyday life. I’ve written a good meaning of the anxiety which you can read on this post.

Depression Levels and Anxiety Kinds

There are three levels of depression as we know, mild depression, moderate depression and acute depression. It all depends on the symptoms that accompanying. Regarding the symptoms of depression, it might be better if I discuss it on another post. Besides for anxiety, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) distinguished anxiety into three kinds. Freud divide it according to the sources.

Neurotic Anxiety

This type of anxiety is related to the of self-defense mechanism, guilty feeling or comitted a sin. In addition, when we encounter serious emotional conflicts and frustrating. Neurotic Anxiety also arise due to inner tensions.

Anxiety of Moral/Conscience/Superego

That is the fear of conscience. For example, in the past performed acts that violate moral norms and fear of punishment again. The most obvious example is afraid to violates religious teachings.

Realistic Anxiety

It is the anxiety of the dangers of the real world outside. For example, fear of the rattlesnake or afraid to ride city buses due to it reckless driver on the road. Surely people can understand this kind of anxiety.

When suffering from depression and anxiety, then we feel prolonged sadness, hopelessness, and do not have the motivation to do the activities. In addition, we also lose interest in things that used to be to our liking, and there are also self-blame. Then, what causes depression and anxiety as well?. We will discuss it further here.

What Causes Depression and Anxiety?

Now we come to the ultimate question, the core of what causes depression and anxiety as well?. Indeed, depression and anxiety are two different things. However, people with depression have symptoms similar to those having anxiety. The cause of anxiety and depression are very widely. Not only adults who experience it, but can also children. Their lives could be counterproductive due to have depression and anxiety. In extreme cases, people might kill themselves like the case Indrawan Pahinggar in Indonesia above.

We certainly do not want it to happen to us and those we love. We should recognize the signs of a person suffering from depression and anxiety. It is easier to cope with anxiety and depression when we know what is the causes. Among them can be seen below.


The fear of something can bring anxiety. If this drag on, then the ends is depression. Included in this type of fear is rejection, for example. Rejection is meant is all rejections that hurt ego. When the period of adolescence, it is very often found being frightened whether the loved one rejects us.


Either threats to the body, soul and psychological. In general, the cause of this is easy to understand. The threat to the psychic is such as fear of loss meaning of life. Or a threat to its existence as loss of rights or something. Indrawan Pahinggar case in Indonesia is simple and clear example of this type. His wife was having an affair. The case was combined with the following types of causes,


There are two types of conflicts, namely internal and external conflicts. Internal conflicts such as the presence of two different desires that are contradictory, individual is difficult to choose one. It is also the cause of depression and anxiety. In the case of Indra above, what happened be the external conflict. In this case the individual conducted conflict the others, such as his wife.

Unfulled Needs

Every human life must have needs. There are primary, secondary, and tertiary. Failure to comply with often creates depression. Therefore, we should be able to gracefully to delay the needs, especially tertiary. This is when we want our life has better quality.

Bad habits

Included in this category include smoking and drinking coffee. Smoking exacerbates depression. There is a vicious circle there. Depression makes people more and more smoke, and more and more intake of nicotine makes people become depressed. Caffeine in coffee inhibits the secretion of serotonin and endorphin, they are two hormones in the brain that make people feel happy. It occurs when the consumption of excessive amounts of caffeine of course.


This is the final list to answer the question what causes depression and anxiety. The most evident in this category is the use of the birth-control pills. The side effects of consuming the pills among them is led to depression. If the symptoms are uncomfortable, you should consult your doctor.


There are many more causes of anxiety and depression if we want to specify one by one. But basically they are derivation of the sixth principal cause been mentioned above. Now what the ultimate causes of depression and anxiety is no longer a secret for you and me. We have been cracking the code of it. Indeed, this problem need to have depression and anxiety treatment. Hopefully this article will be useful.