What’s Really Happening with Social Anxiety Symptoms?

What's Really Happening with Social Anxiety Symptoms?.

Many famed folks have social anxiety. They have struggled with a number of the undesirable thoughts described above. Social phobia can frequently be viewed as shyness but they aren’t the exact same. It isn’t just shyness or embarrassment. This kind of anxiety is indeed has symptoms that we definitely call it as social anxiety symptoms.

Social anxiety symptoms of course will be different with symptoms of major depression. It’s also different between individuals as well. There are a few things you might try to alleviate the indicators. If you feel as though you have one or more of these social anxiety symptoms, make sure that you get diagnosed to begin with. Signs and symptoms related to social anxiety often incorporate the signs of anxiety in genenral. They differ according to the disorder. Therefore, if you are afflicted with any bodily symptoms due to panic disorder, my advice is visit a doctor to have the treatment. Or maybe you should consider ways to treat anxiety as temporarary alternative help.

Anxiety disorders and relevant conditions are getting more and more prevalent among folks of all ages. Fragile X syndrome does not have any known cure. Hence, it has no known cure. It can affect people from all ethnicities, races, and economic classes. Eating disorders can be avoided and treated. But you shouldn’t rushed judge yourself to have anxiety or this social anxiety without a psychiatrist’s diagnosis. You might try things that help with anxiety before seeing a physician. Maybe you don’t need them, but you should also be careful. Social anxiety symptoms could be very serious.

The thoughts are extremely creative and cause gigantic anxiety. It is a rather debilitating feeling that may actually attack an individual. Fear of being not able to find a public toilet is another kind of toilet phobia. If you’re feeling concern then you likely are seeing something. Another indication of a challenge isn’t a food in the fridge, or food that’s spoiled or old. The issue is your anxiety. Since you are able to see, the most devastating problems related to social anxiety are the social troubles.

Not one of the meds appeared to be in a position to control the extreme obsessiveness. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or well known as CBT is among the main types of treatment for those who suffer from social anxiety disorders. It is very important to remember that discontinuation of a treatment regime may lead to deterioration of the individual within no more than 48 hours.

Facts, Fiction and Social Anxiety Symptoms

The disorder interferes with a person’s capability to perform their day-to-day tasks and activities. This disorder is also thought of as Generalized Anxiety Disorder. It is very common. Mental disorders influence a great number of kids and adolescents worldwide. The mental disorders are treated like your regular illness in that they’re cured by getting rid of the source of the illness to renew the body back to its usual state. Social Anxiety Disorder is thought to be the main source of this dilemma in most people. The truth is after after drug abuse and depression, it’s the next most popular mental disorder.

Depression is one which is usually identified. Among these less fatal issues, anxiety is in addition to the list. Thus, when it becomes excessive and causes people to get shaky in everyday situations, it could be the sign of anxiety disorder.

The Good News, Social Anxiety Could Be Treated

Social Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety doesn’t necessarily need to be bad. It’s simple to see why folks need anxiety relief. Social Anxiety is complex and everybody is different. It is a type of mental state that is the result of combination of negative emotions such as fear, apprehension and worry. It is generally seen as a type of mental state that everyone experiences at one time or another. There are a number of anxiety disorders. Normal anxiety is the type of fear that someone may feel prior to a work interview, an exam, or going on a very first date.

If you opt to go to a doctor hoping to locate help with the managing of anxiety, these are a few of the prescription options your health care provider will probably be choosing from. You have to be mindful that these medications may appear to produce things worse at the beginning and might not work at the beginning of the therapy. Treatment is aimed toward reducing the signs and preventing the beginning of health care complications. It will always vary depending on the individual. It is focused on reducing the severity of symptoms. The therapy will also center on handling the bodily symptoms which make way for a component of social anxiety through relaxation and breathing strategies. Some individuals may choose therapy to assist them, and others are going to face it by themselves.

Yes, there’s light at the conclusion of the tunnel when it regards anxiety and panic. The degree of the symptoms is determined by the usability and amount of the protein. There are quite a lot of characteristics frequently associated with gifted children. One of the absolute most damaging details of the disorder, however, is the simple fact it causes the person to be mostly incapable of recognizing nonverbal social cues. In reality, the very same strategies are generally utilized in every best-practice scenario in education.

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Medications For Bipolar That the Experts Don’t Want You to Hear

Medications For Bipolar That the Experts Don't Want You to Hear

Bipolar disorder is brought on by a number of factors. Addiction occurs more frequently than many realize. Doctors utilize quite a few of unique classes and brands of drugs to deal with bipolar disorder. It’s very useful for you to be alert about bipolar disorder signs and symptoms as well. I’m indeed suffering from bipolar. The truth is I rely on medications for bipolar in living normally. Of course with psychiatric prescription. Not only me, all the mental health sufferers still having stigmas onto society.

Therefore, another organic means to boost your mental health is to present your brain the suitable food. As with the majority of health difficulties, it can vary from mild to severe. Talking with a physician or other licensed mental wellness professional is the very first step for everyone who thinks they may have bipolar disorder.

Things You Should Know About Medications For Bipolar

To reach a complete recovery, you require professional treatment that can help you stabilize your moods as you handle the cravings and destructive impulses that characterize addiction. Each and every individual has a personality. At length, violent behavior might also be a kind of growing attention.

It’s a mood stabilizer, a particular category of medicines. Other forms of medications might also be utilised in your treatment, including antidepressants and antipsychotics. Prior to making any modifications to your bipolar medication, speak to you doctor.

It further raises the chance of being addicted to other drugs. If you’re interested in the dilemma of prescription and over-the-counter medications, you ought to be mindful that a selection of medications might be utilized in the treatment of bipolar disorder. Therefore, even for addicts, it’s essential to prevent drugs prior to, during and following pregnancy.

Medications For Bipolar: No Longer a Mystery

The researchers of the study also have identified the genes accountable for it. Patients within this group will display all the three primary traits related to this condition. Bipolar II disorder isn’t a milder type of bipolar I disorder, but a distinct diagnosis. Medications for bipolar is truly needed by the sufferer.

The issue could have been an event of terrible breath. It’s mental illness in which somebody experiences severe mood swings. There may be many reasons why he falls prey to this syndrome.

It can vary, however, depending on a person’s age, their symptoms, and whether or not they experience side effects. If you or somebody you care about suffers from this disorder, it’s important that you know how to locate the most effective bipolar disorder treatment facility. In extreme scenarios, patients might even hallucinate.

The earlier you’re able to convince them which you wish to help and they would benefit from treatment, the better off they’ll be. At length, you need to find out as much as possible concerning the treatment options which are provided. In acute situations, an extensive surgical therapy or speech therapy is done.

Research proves that antidepressants aren’t particularly helpful in the treatment of bipolar depression. There are several therapy choices for bipolar affective disorder. Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, much like any specialized therapy, must be supplied by a competent, well-trained, licensed professional.

Medications For Bipolar Can Be Fun for Everyone

If you’ve got bipolar disorder, medication will probably be a portion of your treatment program. Furthermore, you’re going to be able to profit from professional assistance regarding using medications as a piece of your personal treatment program. This sort of treatment center may be most suitable if you’re worried about your privacy as you are undergoing treatment or whether you wish to gain from a tranquil atmosphere.

While medications are often quite useful in alleviating and preventing overt symptoms, they don’t handle the many complex social and mental issues that may play an important part in the way in which the individual with this disease functions at work, home, and in her or his relationships. Dependent on the requirements of families exclusive therapy plans are prepared. Without placement in an ideal permanent house and efficient treatments for bipolar disorder, the status will worsen.

For instance, drug abuse was found to be connected with committing violence, whilst alcohol abuse proved to be a top indicator of being victimized. For a youthful person who has bipolar disorder, it’s important to bear in mind that recovery appears different for everybody. If you really feel like you simply want to terminate the pain, something should be done because life shouldn’t feel such as this.

Be mindful, do your research and you’ll find effective medications to take care of bipolar. There are a number of other terms commonly utilised to further define bipolar disorder. Since Bipolar disorder is so closely linked with a number of other conditions, the person must be cautiously examined to see whether there are any potential co-occurring conditions.

It is far more serious. It is a serious mental illness. It consists of two phases.

Formerly called manic depression, bipolar disorder is probably the most commonly known mood disorder. If you’re taking medication to take care of your bipolar disorder and think you might be pregnant, speak to your health care provider straight away. If you get pregnant whilst taking medication prescribed to take care of bipolar disorder, it’s important you don’t quit taking it until you’ve discussed it with your physician.

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EMDR Treatment For PTSD You Might Consider To The Best Result

EMDR Treatment For PTSD You Might Consider To The Best Result

This post will expose EMDR Treatment for PTSD. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) remains thought-about by several mental state professionals to be an “alternative” treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder. This illness is indeed have signs and symptoms of PTSD. By different, we tend to mean treatments aside from the a lot of customary sorts of treatment, like anxiety medication or cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT). These different treatments, for the foremost half, less well-studied than the quality treatments and have met with varied degrees of acceptance from mental state professionals. If you have this PTSD, so I suggest you to start thinking about treatment plan for PTSD.

EMDR Treatment for PTSD Development

EMDR Treatment For PTSD You Might Consider To The Best Result

EMDR was developed by Francine Shapiro, Ph.D. In 1987. She was the person who invented EMDR Treatment for PTSD. One day, whereas walking during a park, Dr. Shapiro created a association between her involuntary eye movements and therefore the reduction of her negative thoughts. She set to explore this link and commenced to check eye movements in relevancy the symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Posttraumatic stress disorder is associate degree folie that’s characterised by the event of symptoms when exposure to a traumatic event. Symptoms will embody reliving the event – either in flashbacks or nightmares – rejection of reminders of the event, feeling in suspense, having problem sleeping, having associate degree exaggerated jump, and experiencing feelings of detachment.

The Theory Behind EMDR Treatment for PTSD

The theory behind EMDR is that traumatic reminiscences that don’t seem to be processed properly cause blockages and may result in disorders like posttraumatic stress disorder. EMDR medical aid is employed to assist people to method these reminiscences properly and develop adjustive changes in thinking.

In 1998, American Psychological Association task force declared that EMDR was one amongst 3 “probably efficacious treatments” for posttraumatic stress disorder. Nevertheless, EMDR remains a polemical treatment, supported by some and criticized by others. Though originally developed to treat posttraumatic stress disorder, some proponents of EMDR have recently begun advocating its use within the treatment of alternative anxiety disorders. The proof of its effectualness in these cases is even a lot of polemical than it’s for posttraumatic stress disorder. There are claims that EMDR could be a false belief that can’t be by trial and error evidenced to figure. Alternative claims created suggesting that the attention movements, hand sound and auditive tones are useless and any success achieved with the treatment are often attributed to its use of ancient desensitisation technique.

Archangel Otto, Ph.D., Director of the Cognitive Behavior Therapy Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, points out that EMDR could be a contentious issue. He goes on to mention, “There is nice proof that the attention movements supply no effectualness. Thus while not this a part of the procedure, what does one have? You’ve got a procedure that gives some psychological feature restructuring and exposure.”

The Successful of EMDR

Many of the studies that have found EMDR to achieve success are criticized for his or her methodology, whereas studies that have found EMDR to be unsuccessful have moon-faced criticism by proponents of the tactic for not victimisation the correct EMDR procedure. Norah Feeny, Ph.D., professor of mental hygiene at Case Western Reserve University, explains that conflicting study results don’t seem to be distinctive to EMDR and partially rely upon varied analysis strategies and the way tightly controlled the studies were. Therefore, the results of any single study decreased than the pattern of results that emerge over many cooked studies. Overall, Dr. Feeny says, it’s like EMDR, “works within the short run, however isn’t higher than exposure therapy or alternative well researched treatment choices like cognitive behavioral. Moreover, some studies have begun to lift questions about the semipermanent effectualness of EMDR.”

Carole Stovall, Ph.D. could be a researcher privately observed and has been using EMDR for her patients. Theyjoined of her therapeutic tools for over 10 years. She uses the technique to handle numerous varieties of disorders and traumas and claims that she has had wonderful results. She will suggest, however, that buyers check that their mental state skilled is practiced in additional than one kind of medical aid as a result of, though she feels that EMDR could be a “wonderful tool,” she admits that it should not be the most effective treatment for everybody.

Treatments For Bipolar Disorder Behind The Scenes Mystery

treatments for bipolar disorder

Treatments for bipolar disorder remains a mystery to most people. As far as they have not been informed about it. Due to they have never suffered from this disease, then we really could understand why they do not know. What if by chance our family or friends having this illness ?. Furthermore, what if we are the people with bipolar disorder ourselves?. Of course we wanted to know more. This article intends to uncover that mystery, so we know more about these treatments for bipolar disorder.

What Are Symptoms of Schizophrenia You Have to Know?

The writer himself is indeed a person with bipolar disorder. You can read the story of mine in this post. Or you can view here as a comparison. The writers suffering from this disease for dozens of years. Due to it is a part of my concern, it is very exciting to share this knowledge with you all.

Treatments For Bipolar Disorder

Medical personnels have agreed that the best treatment for bipolar disorder is a combination between drug treatment and psychotherapy. Psychologists often refer to this psychotherapy as counselling. Usually, psychiatrists relieve symptoms of mania with prescribe a set of drugss. Whereas, to deal with depressive symptoms, they will provide other medicines.

When the patient has entered a steady period, the doctor will use certain drugs for maintenance. Due to this maintenance, the doctor uses it usually in small doses. Of course, it also depends on the condition of the patient herself or himself. The conditions of each person is different of course. Whereas body’s sensitivity responds to drug is also different, therefore the maintenance dose can be different for each patient.

Drugs Therapy

The doctor will select one or more types of medication to relieve the symptoms appear. This selection is dependent upon the patient’s response to the medication given. Therefore, at the beginning of therapy, usually the psychiatrist tried to give medication and assess the impact on the patient. If psychiatrists considered that the drugs were not appropriate, then she or he will replace it with other drugs. The types of drug administered are;

Mood Stabilizers

Patients with bipolar have a very noticeable swing mood. Therefore, they need a mood stabilizer. Doctors often use Valproic Acid. Is is traded with the patent name Depakote, whereas its generic name is Divalproex. The writer himself using Depakote ER 500mg once daily on the morning.

Antipsychotic Medications

Psichiatrists use Atypical Antipsychotics such as Olanzapine, Risperidone, or Clozapine to relieve and prevent the symptoms of acute mania. Often the patient actually responds to the old types of medicines such as Haloperidol instead of the sophisticated one as well. Patients requiring this medication because it controls the psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations or delusions as well.

The writer himself uses Olanzapine 10mg plus Clozapine 50mg every night. Of course, with doctor’s instruction and prescription. Psychiatrists provide additional Clozapine which is equally atypical antipsychotic group with Olanzapine since Clozapine has a stronger soporific effect. The combination of both kinds of atypical antipsychotic drugs makes the writer easier to rest and sleeping.

Tricyclic Antidepressants

Researchers believe that serotonin and norepinephrine have an important role in regulating mood. So, there is often a psychiatrist giving Tricyclic Antidepressants to the patients. They feed mainly to patients who experience depressive phase. However, these drugs sometimes increase the risk of mania. Therefore, long-term use is not recommended, unless there are special reasons.

Researchs on the use of antidepressants is still not sufficient nowadays. Using it in the long-term is only allowed if does not appear the current episode of mania or hypomania. In the case of the writer, psychiatrist did not give any tricyclic antidepressant. Perhaps it is different from the case of yourself or your loved ones. You should entrust this problem to the doctor. They have got special education about it.

Non-Pharmocological Therapy

The most popular is probably electroconvulsive therapy or ECT. Maybe your doctor will consider it in the case of severe mania or depression. Also for patients who do not respond to medicines. This therapy might be a lot of help for patients who have malignant and indicate a high suicidal tendency. Above all, there are still some other options, let us review one by one.

Electroconvulsive Therapy

I think you should know about electric shock therapy for depression. Currently, psychiatrists already renewed Electroconvulsive Therapy or ECT procedure. Previously, this therapy seemed very horrible. The doctor will ask the patient to lie down while they provide a small current of electrical shock with a high voltage. They give a shock by mounting a pair of electrodes on the temples of the patient. Of course, the patient or the viewer will be cringe.

Modern procedures are now becoming much more friendly and very effective. First of all, the psychiatrist will anesthetize and provide muscle relaxation to the patients. Then, when the patient is sleeping, she or he will give a small electrical current to the patient’s temples. Just like the old procedure, they would give it through a pair of electrodes. In this way, the patient will surely feel more comfortable. What’s your opinion ?. Are you interested in trying this kind of treatments for bipolar disorder ?.

Vagus or Vagal Nerve Stimulations

The more sophisticated types from ECT are VNS. People called VNS as Vagal Nerve Stimulations. This method involves inplanting device that sends electrical signals to the vagus nerves. It’s a big nerves along the abdomen. This method is effective for depression in patients with bipolar.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulations

Perhaps this way is the most comfortable due to using electromagnetic field instead of electric current. This procedure uses an electromagnetic coil which stimulates brain cells. In addition to people with bipolar disorder, doctors also use it to treat patients with depression.


People often forget this kind of treatments for bipolar disorder as well. Psychologists often termed it with talk therapy or counseling. You should notice that psychotherapists can only do so when the patient is stabilized. Before reaching that level, people with bipolar disorder should give priority to drugs therapy. Patients will find it useful to find appropriate coping mechanisms. Either when dealing with others or to manage themselves.


Just to repeat, the best treatments for bipolar disorder is combination between drugs therapy with counseling as well. Should the patient take these counseling sessions when the condition has been stabilized. Practice counseling when the patient’s condition is not yet stable should lead to diligently has the medicines.

People who are around the patient must alert to the possibility of suicide. Beware when people with bipolar started talking about killing himself or herself. Keep the person to speak emphatically. Suggest her or him to talk with a psychiatrist or counselor. For additional insights on how to behave towards them, you can read this post.

Last but not least, people with bipolar disorder are still able to obtain either social functions or their thinking capability. Many world thinkers and famous figures have bipolar disorder as Sir Isaac Newton or Sydney Sheldon. They still have tributes to the world.

Depression Symptoms Could Indeed Having Suicided

depression symptoms experienced by people

As a person with bipolar, I am also interested to know and explore the other types of mental disorders. In the past, some people call this bipolar disease as manic-depressive illness. Certainly not without reason. Manic-depressive patients was indeed experiencing manic phase and depressive phase throughout their illness. Now everyone agreed to use one term only. Ie, bipolar affective disorder. An event that happened in Indonesia lately attracted me to depression. Of course, with depression symptoms as well.

Which One is More Serious, Bipolar or Depression?

Depression Symptoms Could Indeed Having Suicided

After watched a couple of posts, I found that depression symptoms are similar to the symptoms I experienced when experiencing depressive phase. I do not want to say that depression is much lighter than bipolar. Each mental disorders have levels. The categories is light, moderate, and severe. Bipolar is indeed a severe mental disorder. But the great depression symptoms can cause more fatal. Especially if a person is unaware that he suffered severe depression.

A tumultuous events happened in Indonesia recently. A man end his life by frightening. He committed suicide successfully. The scary was that he did it by recording his actions and spread them life. Of course he uploaded it via social media. Clearly the recording quickly became viral. The crowd shared and watched it.

According to his testimony, he did it because of debts. In addition, his wife was having an affair. The succeded of this suicide made me think again. Is it true that more severe than bipolar depression?. People who have depression symptoms can be much more miserable than bipolar patients. Moreover, when the bipolar disorder people was already getting adequate medical treatment.

If Encountered Depression Symptoms

Given the success of the man’s suicide, I want to write here some of the symptoms of depression. It would be wise to figure it out together. Depression can be deadly. Because it would be wise if we are aware of ourselves. When we encounter the depression symptoms, hurry to seek help. If you are still reluctant to see a psychiatrist, at least consult a psychologist as first aid.

Psychological Depression Symptoms

It is about what we feel. When encountering things like the following, you should begin to be vigilant. The first is feel anxious easily and less confident. Perhaps that symptoms of depression comes because you’re in a failure. Failures repeatedly are the case makes the depression symptoms more adequate.

Perhaps you should be more careful when there is a subsequent depressive symptoms. What I mean is not motivated to perform any activity. Also feel life is no hope anymore. Perhaps you are disconnected by girlfriend or fired from a job. If you feel you can cope alone, perhaps it is still a light depression symptoms.

The next is the appearance of feeling very guilty, worthless and helpless. Can also be very sensitive or irritable toward those around. If the feelings are accompanied by thoughts of suicide, you should begin to be vigilant. Life is too precious to end with a silly way.

Visiting Psychiatrist Or Clinical Psychologist

If you are feeling symptoms of depression that lasts every day for two weeks, you should try to seek help. You can visit a psychiatrist or psychologist to express your complaints. A psychologist would advise you to see a psychiatrist if you need antidepressants. This happens if you have symptoms of severe depression. If you have any doubts you should see a psychiatrist indeed see a psychologist beforehand.

It seems this problem is trivial. But the depression symptoms can be very serious indeed. You can not be a productive human being when having depression. Let us care about our own mental health. Including if experiencing depression symptoms. If you have depression, you should have a treatment for your depression disability.

Shhhh… Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of Mental Health Disorders?

mental health disorders

Mental health disorders are truly ordinary diseases. They can be treated adequatly well. With proper treatment, the sufferers even still be able to carry out productive activities. That’s the most important thing for people with mental health disorders, in addition to social functions. Two things here that should keep maintenance for people with this kind of illness. In my opinion, they should try to get a social function and productive function keep running. If not able to afford it themselves, then the patients should certainly have it with the help of professionals. Ie, psychiatrists and or clinical psychologists.

Shhhh... Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of Mental Health Disorders?

Perhaps it is important to know some kind of mental health disorders that are often encountered. Knowing this and it’s signs could help us to care for our surroundings or neighborhood. Maybe our neighbors, relatives, friends or even ourselves are experiencing severe mental health disorders without our awareness. The writer himself is also a severe mental health disorders sufferer. I still strive for a productive function. Let’s start with the lists below.

Mental Health Disorders, Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia affects one percent of the world’s population. About four hundred thousand population of Indonesia are estimated to have this kind of severe mental health disorder. Originally, people named this disease by Dementia Paecox, but now everyone uses the term schizophrenia to refer to this disorder. Developing countries such as Indonesia generally have a better prognosis compared with developed countries. This is because in many developing countries, we have a better social system. The bond between family members are usually quite close. Family and social systems are generally quite concerned when encountering members experiencing severe mental health disorder. They will help.

People have characterized schizophrenia by the presence of delusions, hallucinations and distractedly. And the most important is the behavior’s change of the sufferers. We will discuss this issue in more detail in other article. Someone who does not quite get psychiatry or clinical psychology education should not hurry to classify others have this kind of mental health disorder. So do with herself or himself. Please consult a physician or psychologist if encountered traits of this severe mental health disorder. There are several medications used to treat schizophrenia.

Mental Health Disorders, Bipolar Affective Disorders

The writer himself experienced this kind of severe mental health disorder. Thankfully I already get proper treatment from medical personnel. I was lucky because in this condition, I still able to write novels. Currently, one of my novels being translated into English myself and updated little by little. Often people call this disease only with bipolar instead of Affective Bipolar Disorder. The incidence is about two per cent of the world’s population. In Indonesia, we have about 0.3 to 1.5% of the population experience this illness. In the pas,t people called this type of severe mental health disorder as manic-depressive. The old name shows a marker of this disease, namely the manic and depressive conditions. That condition occurs alternately fast and mood swing of of it’s sufferers is clearly visible. Especially for a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist who observe. Maybe you are wondering how is bipolar treated?. Indeed, as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder also can be treated.

Manic Conditions

In this condition, the sufferer will look vibrant and energetic. Often also speak excitedly with a fast tempo. Often I’m in this condition while monthly control to the psychiatrist. To overcome this problem the doctors often prescribe the type of mood stabilizer. During this time, I taking Depakote 500mg for a single day. I have it every morning. Of course, on psychiatrist’s order.

Depressive Conditions

This condition is the opposite of manic condition. People with bipolar will listless, listlessness and lost their passions. In the extreme situation will be found suicidal tendency. Obviously the closest person who knows it supposed to prevent. If there are people who are on this condition, should the people around him away from pesticides, ropes, belts, or tools that are commonly used for that purpose.

Closing Statement

At this article, I just described two kind of mental health disorders. I will present other list for next posts. I want to say that having this disease is not the end of everything. We can still have social functions in communities and having productive wsorks beneficial to others. Including for people who are not experiencing this severe mental health disorders.