How to Reduce Stress Hormones for Living Happily?

how to reduce stress hormones

Do you even ask yourself about how to reduce stress hormones for better living?. We would often hear about the term of stress. Stress can happen to anyone. In simple terms, we can say that stress is composed of three kinds. The first is physical stress. Then, the next one is emotional stress. And we can state that the third is mental stress. In biochemistry, which causes stress are hormones that works in the brain. To reduce stress, we need to reduce levels of the stress hormone causes. How to reduce stress hormones?. This paper will attempt to discuss this issue further. Managing stress and anxiety is a kind of art to make our lives better.

This paper will only give an example of emotional stress as well. We intentionally limit the discussion to this kind of example. I’m not going to give examples to other types of stress. I mean the physical and mental stress. An example of emotional stress is sufficient for the purpose of this post. Namely, how to reduce stress hormones.

Indeed, there are at least three hormones causes of stress. The first is the adrenaline hormone, which both is norephrinephrine. And the last is the cortisol hormone. The latter is perhaps the most major cause of stress. People often accuse that cortisol is prominent cause of stress. How to reduce stress hormones primarily means reducing the production of cortisol.

The Meaning and Example of Stress

Let’s say, you are a student. As a student, of course you want to succeed in studies. For that reason, you studied hard, very keen exceeded your friends. Throughout the semester, you had been studying day and night. Then the examination period arrived. Of course you have been prepared well. In fact, almost perfect due to it. You have learning throughout the semester. Unlike the lazy students who have just opened the book when exam being approached. It’s turned out that you doing the exam well than almost of your friends.

Of course you were optimistic to got good marks as well. Without guessed, it turned out that you had poor grades. Of course you felt very disappointed. Wanted to hit the lecturer’s head with a hammer. Feeling life became dark. That meant that you were experiencing emotional stress. Your brain produced the cortisol excessively.

How to Reduce Stress Hormones that Already Excessive?

Due to recover for mental balance, there are several ways that you can apply. The first is to reduce the consumption of caffeine. By reducing caffeine consumption of 200mg, you can lower blood cortisol production by 30%. That approximately equal with a mug of coffee. It will be very visible if you have a blood test. This is the easiest way on how to reduce stress hormones. This is important when you ask on how to control stress?.

how to reduce stress hormones

The second is to control diet as well. Be careful not to consume too much sugar. The body will process certain carbohydrates into cortisol. In addition, you should maintain body fluid levels. Of course, by drinking plenty of water indeed. If you love sports, then get on the habit. If not, then consider starting. This will increase the serotonin and dopamine. The two neurotransmitters in the brain that lead to happiness. Serotonin and dopamine then also reduce anxiety and depression.

Actually there are many other ways you can do to reduce stress hormones. However, for this time we were just talking about some of them. I hope you can have a clearer understanding now. An overview about how to reduce stress hormones.

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