Am I a Schizoaffective or Bipolar Affective Disorder Sufferer?

schizoaffective disorder patient

I am a severe mental disorder patients. Initially around 2000 I diagnosised suffering from schizophrenia, then after several relapses and admission to the hospital, I was diagnosed with bipolar. Diagnosed as bipolar sufferers it after I experienced hospitalization in RSJ Radjiman Wediodiningrat in Lawang, a district in Malang. After undergoing outpatient there for one year, I declared as a bipolar sufferer rather than schizophrenia. This time apparently the doctor suspects that I am more appropriately described as suffering from schizoaffective disorder instead of bipolar.

Diagnosis Changes Effect

Am I a Schizoaffective Disorder Sufferer?

Diagnosis changes was not brought any influence for me in the sense that I still have to undergo therapy and medication. I underwent psychotherapy and treatment for many years and diligently control to a psychiatrist. The reason I am undergoing treatment and therapy, primarily psychotherapy are because I want a normal life as much as anyone else. Many cases occur where people with severe mental disorders relapse because they do not want to take medication and lazy to visit the doctor. I do not want that happening to me.

Causes of Schizoaffective Disorder

If you want to know more about this schizoaffective disease you may be able to open the NAMI site. NAMI stands for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, an institution that cares about mental health in the USA. Mentioned by various sources that schizoaffective disorder still poorly studied compared with schizophrenia or bipolar. The cause are still not certainty known. However, based on studies to date have known some of the things that is suspected as the cause of schizoaffective disorder. Among others are.

  • Genetics, this does not mean that if any of your family who suffer from schizoaffective, then you should certainly be suffering from schizoaffective disorder as well. It’s just that it will further enlarge the possibilities. Schizoaffective only suffered by 0.3 of a whole population. Therefore do not be too worried beforehand. Severe mental disorder is often mentioned as a bio-psycho-social disorder, that three factors must appear together to appear as a disease.
  • The brain chemical, it is known that people with severe mental disorders, including schizoaffective have the brain chemical structure different from the others “healthy”. The current study within the new understanding of the brain’s chemical structure and research are still being done about it.
  • Stress, death of a family member who loved and feeling devastated by experiencing something very sad thing can be the trigger of schizoaffective emergence. Likewise for unwanted divorce and job loss. I myself experienced enough severe stress to suffer from schizoaffective because of a conflict with one of my lecturer because of the exam problem he was given. I have told it in one of the posts on this blog titled The Story of “Fried Bread UGM“.


For a while the writer end the discussion of this schizoaffective disorder. Hope couldn give an idea to the reader through a variety of severe psychiatric disorders. One thing I want to emphasize is, do not assume that your world is shattered if you are diagnosed with the diseases. There are many things we can do to remain productive and have a normal life like others. In the next article, I hope I can share my experience on how to survive as severe mental disorder patient. As a sufferer, I should consider the most effective treatment for bipolar disorder as well. Including treatment for bipolar depression if my depressive phase comes disturbing.