What Are The Causes Of Bipolar Disorder Secrets Revealed

Bipolar Disorder is a very complex type of mental health illness. This disease is difficult to cure. The term heal is perhaps even inappropriate. What’s more likely is that this disease cannot be cured as well. Treatment in patients is an attempt to ease symptoms where bipolar sufferers experience it. What are the causes of bipolar disorder also remains a big question. People who are involved in mental health issues generally agree that there is no single cause so that a person suffers from bipolar. Therefore the question what is the cause of bipolar disorder is not appropriate. It’s more appropriate if we questioned what are the causes of bipolar disorder?.

What Are The Causes Of Bipolar Disorder Secrets Revealed

Some sources revealed that the incidence of bipolar disorder accounted for one percent of the total population. Other sources revealed there were about one and a half percent of the population. This mental illness causes the sufferer to drag a very drastic mood swing. The mood is manic, depressive and hypomania. Therefore, people used to refer to this disease as manic-depressive. Please open this link to get some more details.

What Are The Causes Of Bipolar Disorder Known To Date?.

As I explained at the beginning of the article. There was really no single cause for this kind of mental disorder. Until now, in general, people accused there were at least three factors causing the emergence of this disease. That factors were biological causes, psychological cause and social factors. Therefore, they called this disease as a biopsychosocial disease. Some observers mentioned that there a fourth factor, the spiritual factor. But not many agreed with this opinion. I myself am more inclined to refer to this disease as a biopsychosocial disease instead of biopsychosociospiritual. Connecting this disease with spiritual problems is counterproductive to a sufferer like me, for example.

Biological Problems

In general, we must already know what I mean by biological factors. Well, precisely, biological factors are the contributing factor of our state as living beings of the Animal Kingdom’s member. We divide it into two, namely genetic factors and brain chemistry factors.

Genetic Factors

If your immediate family is suffering from bipolar disorder, then your chances of getting the same disease increase ten to twentyfold. In percentage, twenty percent of bipolar sufferers have family members who also suffer from this disease. This number increases to sixty percent of identical twin cases. But there is a different perspective as well. Means there is a possible forty percent of identical twin cases that do not experience bipolar disorder. There are other influencing factors.

What is also important to remember is that the genes that cause this disorder have not yet be found until now. So the researchers are still studying this genetic problem as well. They sometimes still find opposite results between each other. Again, there is no single factor.

Brain Chemicals

Simply put, we can say that the neurotransmitter imbalance in the brain is the cause of bipolar disorder. Neurotransmitters are hormones that allow communication and interconnection between synapses. Synapse is the connection between brain cells so the brain is able to process information. People often point out that the unbalanced neurotransmitter is dopamine. A hormone responsible for feelings of happiness. We now know more about what are the causes of bipolar disorder, especially about its biological causes.

Psychological Problems

In addition to biological problems, the emergence factor of bipolar disorder is a psychological factor. This is one of the main factors. Children with a history of domestic violences have a greater risk of bipolar disorder. I invite you to read this article to get a fuller picture. Similarly, severe problems during adolescence to adulthood also affect as well. Stress that accumulates without early treatment is one of the trigger factors in the emergence of this bipolar disorder.

Individuals as human beings are absolutely different. There is a very simple problem for others. The same problem for a person actually causes huge stress. Therefore, self-education to manage stress is very important. You could read here about stress management. A healthy and balanced state of mind keeps the possibility of suffering from this disease.

Social Factors

This is also an important issue. Social factors are indeed the cause of bipolar disorder. How does environment affect you?. A demanding and intolerant social environment will make you depressed. This is what triggers the emergence of this disorder. Actually, social factors are also a reflection of yourself. If you are skilled managing friendships, this certainly will not happen as well. This is closely related to the previous factor, namely psychological factors.

Social skills are a learned intelligence. Perhaps Daniel Goleman was the first to discover it. The more skilled you are in controlling the social environment. Then the happier you will be as an individual. In addition, you prevent the emergence of bipolar disorder or other mental health illness. However, again, I need to emphasize that the appearance of this disorder has been never due to a single cause. You need to learn the art of living and surviving.

What If I Have Been Experienced It?

We have been talking about what are the causes of bipolar disorder as well. Perhaps a question arises in your mind, what if I have been exposed to this kind of mental illness?. Obviously you need help from the nearest health services. Do not be reluctant to meet a psychiatrist and get treatment. I invite you to read this post about treatment to bipolar patient. Hopefully you get further perspective.

What you need to understand is the treatments for these patients would last for the long-term. Perhaps you, me and other bipolar sufferers around the world still have to take lifelong medication. That’s if researchers have not found other more advanced therapies yet.

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