Welcome to HealthDelight!

This blog will discuss farraginous on Mental Health. I interested in this subject as I myself is indeed a Bipolar Affective Disorder sufferers. Therefore, you will find many things about schizophrenia, depression or anxiety, and many other. Especially of course about bipolar disorder. I will endeavor to write as the first person. I would put myself as the sufferer.

I really want to express my efforts to overcome this bipolar disorder illness. As we already know, severe mental illness and their sufferers still get negative stigma from society. Especially, nowadays health experts classify the sufferers as persons with mental disabilities. And it is certainly not without reason. I wanted to join the movement to empower persons with mental disabilities. And this blog is one of them.

I wish to thank the psychiatrists who have cared properly. Also to the families who have been paying attention and shade. Also for the incredible support so I survive till now. Without them, I might being a psychotic vagrant who wander the streets. In addition, I would like to thank my friends who have allowed their photographs being used to beautify my postings.

They are Astungkara Wiguna, Iwan J Prasetyo, Emile Gede Seno Aji, Denies Priantinah Senopranoto dan Hassanudin M Kholil. Accordingly, there are also many others that I have not mentioned. And last but not least, please enjoy my articles on Mental Health in this blog. I am going to try to update it regularly.

Photograph by Astungkara Wiguna